Who We Are

Our company was created in May 2013. The idea behind our company was to obtain housing to allow for affordable rentals and help individuals transition to home-ownership. Our initial focus was in Detroit, we have homes in Pontiac,MI as well.

After seeing the flight then blight in Detroit, I wanted to be apart of the city’s comeback. History tells us after such a fall, one can only rise…with the right direction of course.

Our generation is in a position to learn from previous mistakes and control our futures as it pertains to the economy and commerce.

LBRE is transitioning out of the infancy stage and I’m proud to see the growth and successes.

I’m looking forward to updating you on our deals and real estate facts for our desired areas.

Stay tuned for our “Lessons Learned”

Feel free to contact us by commenting, email. Look forward to hearing from you and/or doing business.


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